What is a SERP?

SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Result Page, which is the page that appears as a result when you search for something specific on a Search Engine. We use the term SERP within theĀ SEO-world because it means something specific, rather than the totally irrelevant saying “I want to get a high ranking on Google”. A SERP is always a result page for a specific search term. So what you want is to achieve a top position of a search result for a certain search, i. e. “I want a good ranking in SERP for the term ‘Joomla SEO’.”


Worked professionally with Joomla! CMS since its birth in 2005. Today, I work more with WordPress, even though I'm following what happens in the Joomla world with much interest and still consider it a great CMS. Would love if you connect with me!

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