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Responsive YouTube fix for WordPress

How to make your YouTube videos responsive in WordPress

Are you struggling to make your YouTube videos responsive in WordPress? Here’s a solution that does it for you, without plugins or extra code in your content. WordPress has added a great new way of making your images responsive by default after version 4.4. But it still does not make...

web design trend infographic

5 trends for modern web design [infographic]

Trends in web design are not to be taken lightly. It’s not just fashion. Web design must be functional and bring results. These five trends for modern web design have been formed by research and analytics of website visitor’s behavior. So don’t just follow it “because everybody else does it”....

Photobox Joomla Template

New Joomla Template: Photobox from Shape5

The April Joomla template from Shape5 is called Photobox, and as it sounds, it is a portfolio style template. Photobox gives you total color control, freedom to choose your logo placement, and many more features. It comes with a new S5 Photo Showcase module that slides images with description and...