20 of the Most Shareable Words on Social Media and How to Use them

Are you using the right words on social media? This infographic shows the most popular and shareable words on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

What is your experience? What words create most engagement in your field of business? Please share your experience with us in a comment!

The infographic is created by Social Marketing Writing – pay them a visit. Click on the image for larger display. Find the info in text below the infographic.

Most Popular & Shareable Words on Social Media

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Most popular words on Facebook and how to use them

  1. Facebook
  2. Why
  3. Most
  4. World
  5. How

Most retweetable words on Twitter

  1. You
  2. Twitter
  3. Please
  4. Retweet
  5. Post

Most pinned words on Pinterest

  1. Love
  2. Home
  3. Things
  4. Style
  5. Ideas

Most noted tags on Tumblr

  1. Shinee (the name of a Korean boy band)
  2. OTP (acronym for “One True Pairing”)
  3. Video
  4. Reblog
  5. Gifs (pronounced “jif”, not “gif”)

How to make the most of these popular words on Social Media

Use hashtags
Use popular words as hashtags on Twitter and Pinterest and as tags on Tumblr to drive more engagement.
Optimize for search
Optimise your posts for search by adding keywords. This will get them to appear higher in search results and thereby increasing exposure.
Be relevant
Be relevant to the social media platform that you are posting on. The word Facebook is popular on Facebook and the words Twitter and Retweet are popular on Twitter.
Be social
Don’t overstuff your posts with popular words. Use them to create social messages. This is the key to being successful on social media.  

What is your experience?

What words create most engagement in your field of business? Please share your experience with us in a comment!


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